CATCOS provides complete solutions in the set-up of Domestic and International Call Centers. We believe that in the call center industry one size DOES NOT fit all. Therefore, we provide the best solutions (Hardware, Software) and total infrastructure design and set up to cater towards our client's specific need.

EZ Call Manager is a comprehensive, blended (Inbound and Outbound) IP-based Contact-Center suite. It has a built-in Soft Switch, the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Microsoft ASP. Net and on Linux framework that manages all aspects of call distribution. It also provides CTI enabled CRM tools to help clients manage Multiple Campaigns like Order processing, Customer Services, Complaints Management, Surveys, and Telesales.

EZ-Call Manager is flexible, extendable, reliable can be easily integrated with clients' existing systems, networks using multiple connectivity channels.

The system supports Customers across Multiple Communication channels like (PSTN/ISDN/E1/T1/PRI/SIP/POTS/ VOIP) Cell Phone, IVR, Chat, Web submission, Emails, Messaging systems, Fax and other Social medias.

EZ Call Manager complies with all seven layers of OSI models.

EZ Call Manager is an integrated Contact Center solution for businesses, Government agencies and small to medium size organizations. Our CTI enabled CRM can also be custom designed to fit any industry and/or any campaign. The system is flexible enough to be integrated with the existing systems provided by the clients. The system is flexible enough to support multiple service expansions like Order processing, Customer Services, Complaints Management, Surveys, Telesales, etc., across the clients' network.

EZ Call Manager provides intelligent IVR system which can take input from external sources through telephony (DTMF) and can interact with external applications to process data and/or information.

EZ-Call Manager is available as Stand-Alone, Cloud based and Hosted.

Special Features:

* State-of-the-art Technology
* Ability to use standard Telco (T1/E1) lines and VOIP (SIP/IAX) trunks.
* Supports Customers across Multiple Communication channels like PSTN/ISDN, Cell Phone, IVR, Chat, Web submission, Emails, Messaging systems, Fax and other Social medias.
* ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)
* IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
* CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
* DVR (Digital Voice Recorder)
* CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution
* Dialer
* Impromptu Reporting and much more

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EZ Automation E Government, Office Automation suite.

EZ Automation provides End to End sharing, Management and Tracking of E file, E correspondence, E Notes, E summary and much more.

Our EZ Automation is an E Government Office automation system that helps in optimizing or automating existing office procedures. It utilizes hardware, software, processes to facilitate effective and efficient communication. The Solution enables end to end automation of key inter and intra departmental processes for Government enterprises (Ministries, Agencies, Divisions and Departments) improving collaboration and information management.

EZ Automation system is an information system involving the creation, collection, storage and transmission of office information. Starting from the storage of raw data and/or files, electronic transfer of records and to end-to-end processes management, it covers the all areas.

EZ Automation Salient features:

1. Create efficient workflow processes that manages the entire life cycle of a document
2.Improve the speed at which document intensive processes are conducted
3.Minimize document loss and information leakage
4.Organize information and documents with easy access to stored data and its management
5.Improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and customer service levels
6. Remove bottle necks
7.Easy scanning and Tracking of documents and files
8.Approval of note sheet, summary sheet and other documents on the go as the system can be accessed using a secured connection and/or web services through internet.

EZ Automation Life Cycle:

* e-Scan
* e-File Diary
* Managing e-File
* e-Note sheet and e-Summary sheet Creation and Approval
* e-Tracking and Archiving
* Legal Case Management
* e-Grievance Management
* Knowledge Repository
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